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Re: carbon fiber hood

At 01:50 PM 2/11/97 -0500, you wrote:

>        Thats why I said why have a carbon fiber hood?  If you had a slight
>fender/hood bender that would be the end of an expensive (very expensive)
>and useless hood.  

Exactly! CF tends to be very brittle. Something like a accident will sure 
explode the whole hood. The strength lies in the pattern of the material and if 
you were to sit on the hood, no damage. Strike it at an angle (like a crash 
would produce) and it shatters. Look at a few indycar accidents in the recent 
past. Did you see all that debris that comes off the car? Carbon Fiber dust! 
Besides, its not like fiberglass where if you have a damaged piece, you can 
simply patch it and repaint it.

>        I am sorry, but I think that the carbon fiber look is cheezy.  Plus
>the prices that they charge for the appliques that LOOK CHEEZY are nuts! 

Well, done right, CF is very beautiful. The Neuspeed Honda is covered in CF 
specialty items and its a very impressive looking race car. I have a CF 
briefcase that weighs 2 lbs! (Costs over $2000 but I got it for free. the 
advantages of being, "in the business"!) Now thats a lazy bidness man who would 
buy a 2 lb briefcase. 
The way that CF is being prostituted on anything they can easily stamp out is 
whats sickening. So in that regard, it does look Cheezy. 

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