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Re: Re[2]: VW; drying up? Uh-Huh?.....unh-uhh!

In a message dated 97-02-05 23:14:37 EST, hugacub@whidbey.net (Lisa & Rick)

<< I'll tell you what.....after driving that 90 Passat loaner car the 
 other week, I'm tempted to pick one up.  I've never driven a car that 
 was meant to be a luxury car that handled the way that did.  I was 
 extremely impressed and that car showed me the diversity in VW's 
 engineering.   >>

Oh, believe me, i have driven a few Passat GLX's with 5 speed, and lemme tell
you , they were real performers!  Ahhh, just to drive one for a week would be

Tim :)
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