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Re: Boge's

I figure my 2.2L post started this all so I may as well add my fodder 
to the heap ;-)

At 10:17 AM 2/5/97 -0800, Shawn C. Meze wrote:
>For the budget minded person, the Boges are great. If you have the 
>budget for the Koni's, thats the only way to go. Unless you dont have 
>enough for the koni's and have a little more to spend than the Boge's, 
>then go with the Bilsteins. Thats pretty much what I hear everywhere on 
>the shock issue. Why nobody recommends the illumnas or the less known 
>SPAX systems, I dunno. Probably something to do with the masses not 
>having experience with them. You know, if Bilsteins made an adjustable 
>shock (Like the Koni's) like the guy told me they were gonna make, that 
>might be the hot ticket. The last time I talked to him, he said the 
>shocks are "self adjusting". Its a copout! 

I personally don't like Koni's. I have had two sets in the past. The
standard adjustable ones (red) and the SS type (yellow).
I was running them in a heavily prepared 88' Integra and ran them pretty
hard. They both wimped out after about 20K miles. It was fine for the red's
as I just got them replaced by Koni but the yellows were many more $'s and
had no warranty at all. As far as price goes the Konis were a little less
expensive than the Bilsteins...at least in that application

I also did not like the way they adjusted...it was VERY tough to set them up
the same on both sides.

I've had Illuminas (same integra) ...easy to adjust...hated the ride ...way
to soft even on their hard setting.

I was gonna go for the Bilstein HD's but I think I'll end up with the race
set instead as I plan to track/school this car and probably only 10-15K/year
on the road. From everything I have heard about Bilstein...they are the best
and the way to go..this applies to my experiences with vw's and 944's.

To each his own,


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