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Re: Gear oil

In a message dated 97-01-30 17:06:31 EST, vanambum@silyn.net (VanAm) writes:

<< > (but my mileage still sucks.  I am getting about
 > 20mpg, and the only mod on my car is a TT stainless system.)
 Jeez, any idea why only 20?  You should be getting at least
 30.   >>

Believe me, I know!  I think I just need to take it in for a FULL tune up.
 Not just plugs and crap, but EVERYTHING as conciderd with a tune up.  I will
probably do that after I get my early Rabbit dual exhaust manifold and TT
dual downpipe in.  That way, it will be set up for use with those (probably
won't make a BIT of difference with the tune up, though)  Also, my car does
feel like it is not releasing all of the power it should.  I need a tune up

Tim :)
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