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Front spring replacement
Hor Springs Comments

I got my new Spax coils last week and was very excited to get them on
this past weekend. Because this was my first time doing the job I read
Bentley very carefully and made sure I had everything ready to go before
Saturday. I started with the fronts, got one off, compressed, and was
then ready to remove the coil.  This is where Bentley let me down. It
says I can get the 22mm strut nut off the top of the shock absorber rod
"using a 22mm offset box wrench." (p10-12). Maybe, but not MY 22mm box
wrench! (Craftsman) So I take a look in the HAynes manual since I now have
nothing better to do. There I see a picture of a special VW tool that is
like a socket with a cutaway section that will allow the 7mm hex wrench
to hold the shock rod. Ok fine, I decide if I need one of these I'll just
get one and be done with it. I call VW dealer this morning after getting
a ride to work and find out they can't get me VW tools.  I'm now trying
to get in touch with Snap-on. This sucks.  Is there any other way of
getting this nut off? (I want to preserve the shocks - no vice-grips).

thanks in advance for any who be able to help me get my baby back on the

'86 8v


"Warren, John" :

 So far I've been able to make my own VW "tools". For strut replacement,
just get the requisite size socket, and machine (ie grind) two flat
spots opposite each other. Drop this over the nut, put an adjustable
wrench, or pipe wrench, etc on the flat spotted socket, then stick the
hex into the strut rod (thru the socket) and loosen it.

 Total cost for me $6.00


> This is where Bentley let me down. It says I can get the 22mm strut nut
> off the top of the shock absorber rod "using a 22mm offset box wrench."
> (p10-12). Maybe, but not MY 22mm box wrench! (Craftsman)


> -Trev
> '86 8v

Here's what I've been using in this situation for a couple of years now.

Take your nice Craftsman 22mm offset wrench, and notch the back side out of
it with a Dremel or a hacksaw.  Now it'll sink into the recess at the top
of the strut bearing far enough to get a grip on the strut nut.  Good luck!


> Please add to this list if you think HOR's are good or bad.
> Thanks
> Doug.
>I removed the US bumpers and replaced them with the Euro
>bumpers. This made driving on my HOR springs better.
>If you want to remove all the extra stuff from your car like
>the AC you can buy time on your HOR springs. I like H&R's
>They cost more but they are much better springs.
> " HOR's suck!!! " " Koni Sport Adjustables" and " H&R's" are good!
>eh, I like how a few people totally avoided your question by telling
>you to get smaller wheels.  HAH, My friend Tim has a Mk2 with 17s and
>doesnt get any rubbing.  I have a 79 with 17s and I only rub a bit.  As
>far as your setup, if it rides well, the only way I can think of raising
>the front is to make some sort of 10-15mm plate that goes between the
>strut bearing and the car body.  If you have a front stress bar, you may
>encounter problems of the nut not reading the stud, but the plate is the
>only thing I can think of that would be a cheap way to go about raising
>the front end.  IF you are all over the road and have lots of suspension
>travel and dont like your setup, get some Koni Sport Adjustables =p
> Andri
> Lime Green 79 Scirocco )
>" Koni Sport Adjustables" are good!
>At 2:34 pm -0400 22/4/99, James G. wrote:
>>I'm looking at replacing the Hor springs with Neuspeed or Spax.  The
>Ack!!  No, don't buy spax either.... Spax makes good 1-year suspension
>parts.  After that 1 year, they're garbage IME... the springs sagged and
>the shocks died.  Spax is only an upgrade from stock, and only as a
>stop-gap improvement.  :P
>Riley McDowall
> "spax suck"
>I pretty much agree with Matthews statement.  Mine worked great for
>more then a year, probably because I stored the car winters.  But they
>did sure sag.  In fact, when I changed out the Boge Progas shocks and
>Hor springs I discovered that the front end of my car was resting on
>bump stops.  Definite sagging occured.  Handled really great too, but
>was harsh over bumps.  The Koni/H&R combo I have now is much much
>better, all around. But cost more then twice as much, almost three
>times actually.  I guess to a large extent in this area, you get what
>you pay for.
> " HOR's suck!!! " " Koni Sport Adjustables" and " H&R's" are good!
>Lets see, less then a month till a year is up. Still at the same ride
>>HOR Tech springs will work fine for a few months - check back in a
>year when
>>your front end is sagging...
> " HOR's are not old yet!!! Hmm will they suck soon? "
>Don't do the Spax!!
>This has gone 'round on the list a few times, and a number of complaints
>have been made about Spax, especially about the shocks, but I've heard a
>bad things about the springs, too. I just met a guy last week who has a '98
>GTI that had Spax shocks and springs. He already replaced the shocks 'cause
>they were so bad (remember, the whole car is only a year old!). He wants to
>replace the springs, too.
>A lot of people that I've talked to (Including Mike Potter and the local
>watercooled club here in Minneapolis) seem to prefer Neuspeed or H&R. There
>are probably other good brands out there, but I just ordered a set of H&Rs
>from the Potterman.
>Anyone have experience with Eibach? A local Firestone dealer recommended
>them with Koni shocks. I know that some of their racing application stuff
>real good, but haven't heard anything from street VW people like most of
> "spax suck" What about Eibach?
>Adding my thoughts:  They suck for long term applications (like 2+years)
>I'm looking at replacing the Hor springs with Neuspeed or Spax.  The
>fronts are sagging, and getting lower.  Plus, my upper strut bearings are
>shot even though they're the HD ones.
> "Old HOR's suck!!! Young HOR's are OK but don't keep them.
>Message text written by "DaleWitt"
>>I maintain that it is possible to get a bad set of springs from any
>manufacturer.  They
>are made in batches and problems can occur from time to time due to a
>in qualiity control, either in production or material source.  Nuespeed has
>used HOR
>and Eibach in the past.  My 5 year old Neuspeed sports with Bilsteins show
>no wear
>at all, and have taken very hard driving.  I have a 10 year old Sachs race
>setup on
>my 82 and it still performs excellent.  I have heard of problems with both
>Sachs and
>HORs.  I have seen Spax break down in one year and others last for years.
>experience with HORs has been good.
>86 2.0 16v rocco
>82 2.1 16v rocco (Zender 400 w/NOS)
>"All spring manufacturers can have a bad day" Some suck less"
>> Please add to this list if you think HOR's are good or bad.
>> Thanks
>> Doug.
>> ***********************
>> Sure is, you're car then rides like a Civic with cut springs and stock
>> shocks! ;)
>> -Jason Kendall
>> " HOR's suck!!! "
>> **************
>> --- Jason Kendall  wrote:
>> >  Finally the spring rate just disappeared, and ruined both
>> That's a bad thing, right? :)
>> Matthew Yip
>> " HOR's suck!!! "
>> *****************
>> Message text written by Matthew Yip
>> HOR Tech springs will work fine for a few months - check back in a year
>> when
>> your front end is sagging...
>> Matthew Yip
>> " HOR's suck!!! "
>> ***********************
>> Message text written by Jason Kendall
>> My friends Rabbit GTI had Hor's.  After 2 years of use, all of the coils
>> had
>> flat spots on them from smacking each other.  Then where the flat spots
>> were, they started rusting, baddly.  Finally the spring rate just
>> disappeared, and ruined both struts.
>> -Jason Kendall
>> " HOR's suck!!! "
>> ****************************
>> Message text written by -alan
>> ummm... i personally know of someone who has had these springs for quite
>> some
>> time.. they are not sagging.. perhaps someone got a bad one somewhere
>> the line. i'll admit they are low, but is that really a bad thing? i
>> like my set-up. they work great with the bilstein sports. :)
>> -alan
>> " HOR's don't suck!!! "
>> ***********************************
>> Message text written by Doug Teulie
>> (From Pete) ---> "I don't know what you are talking about"
>> Just go for a drive, sit back  and relax.
>> Yes they do drive OK but then they sag and get  flat spots. If you drive
>> car
>> like yours with Neuspeed springs or H&R,s you will see why
>> the HOR's suck. I have them on my 16v  with the bilstein sports and I
>> how bad
>> the springs are. I am not getting new springs soon but If I had the money
>> I would get better springs. I hope that some of the list folks see this
>> message
>> and don't get stuck with the HOR trash springs.
>> "IMHO"
>> Doug
>> " HOR's suck!!! "
>> ***********************************
>> Message text written by Pete
>> I dont know what you are talking about, I have HORs on my 16v, w/ 15x7
>> wheels (195-50-15) And the setup kicks ass.  I love them, They handle
>> great, look good (I admit, they are low) And were a good price.
>> Pete
>> " HOR's don't suck!!! "
>> ****************************************
>> Message text written by Kathy Teulie
>> >I drove a car set up like yours and it did drive OK.
>> You need a good tire size. Now if it were me
>> I would go for the 15x6 or 15x6.5 rims too. I think 16's
>> are too big! If you change rims your problem will
>> still be there. You need to ditch the HOR springs.
>> HOR springs are not good on 16v's. I am not sure
>> if they work on 8v's but I know that they do not work
>> on 16v's. The spring is too soft and too low.
>> I have H&R on my MK1 and they are much better
>> then the HOR's on my 16v. HOR's suck!!! and you
>> pay for it because you need a real spring to replace them.
>> Did you get them at Autotech? Next time call Mike Potter.
>> He will not push junk like HOR's on you. Your shocks or OK.
>> I had a set of them on my MK1. Not bad. But KONI is the best.
>> Doug.
>> " HOR's suck!!! "
>> *******************************************
>> Message text written by Kevin Collins
>> >Michael Leach wrote:
>> > I really need a little help. I have an 87 16v with boge turbo gas
>> > shocks and hor springs  .......   but doesnt everybody who does not
>> > have the money for he really good ones....anyway as I was saying I
>> > recently purchased 16x7.5 Borbet rims with 205-45-16 tires and I am
>> > getting rubbing in the front on some bumps I just need a little more
>> > clearance.  Any CHEAP ideas to get about half an inch higher....there
>> > are plenty of expensive ones......  Thanks and just to let everyone
>> > know only on the list for 2 weeks and heading to Cincy the Rochester
>> > contingent is growing!!!!!!!!!
>> Just my opinion.. but 16x7.6s on a 'rocco are just plain too big.  Plus
>> you're hauling around a LOT of extra unsprung weight - not good for
>> performance at all.
>> Maybe you could swap for some 15x6.5s of some sort?  This would solve
>> your problem, though it may or may not be cheap...
>> --
>> Kevin Collins<<