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Removing side moulding
Adding a 16v style Fuba
What body kits were/are available

> Related to the sticker thread, I think-
> Although my wife can't figure out why, I want to remove the moulding along
> the side of my Scirocco.
Looks better (IMHO), do it.
> I recall there was a thread about this having
> something to do with fingernails and heat guns.  If anyone has the thread
> handy (or any other suggestions) could you forward it to me?  Thanks a
> bunch.
Having just done this a little while ago, it's fresh in my mind.
> If by some strange chance, removing this makes my beloved ('rocco, not
> wife)  look worse, send this along too.  I think it would only improve the
> already great looks of my car.
> Thanks in advance.
>         -Ed.

Remember, there's nothing under the molding...no holes or channels.  It's
just smooth paint.
Here's the deal:
Round 1:
I used a small 1250 watt hair dryer to heat up one end of the side molding
strip, and just picked at it with my fingers until it started to come up. They
are backed with metal strips at the ends so be careful.  The rest of the
strip just peeled right off by pulling, however, I can't say the same for the
tape/glue under it.
Round 2:
Apply same hair dryer to thick tape/glue mess.  I worked it up in strips with
my finger nails,and used a small plastic putty scraper in other areas where it
was too tough to get up with my fingers.  (I've seen the results of using
razor blades as scrapers here...don't do it)
Round 3:
There's still glue film where the molding was.  I used a product I bought at
Home Depot called Goo Gone (it's sooo citrusy!).  After several applications,
scraping with finger nails, and plastic putty tool, all the glue residue is
gone.  You'll have to scrub quite hard to get out any other discolorations
(from the molding) that get left behind.  You'll see what I mean.
Round 4:
Wash/Wax 'new' paint.
Round 5:
Stand there looking impressed, call wife outside to see, where she'll not
notice any difference when asked... :-)  Or maybe you'll get lucky like
me and my wife _was_ actually impressed, and liked the look better.
Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.


Message text written by INTERNET:john.erk@sympatico.ca
>Has any one installed a 16v (Fuba or whatever) antenna on an 8v or 16v
for that matter?Easy on a Golf but on the scirocco with the vinyl
headliner.....I would think it would be pretty easy to rip the
liner,taking it down or putting it back. Any tips?
I know the 16v antenna looks 100% better, but is it worth risking
#@*$ing up my perfect liner that I spent like 4hrs scrubbing to get back
it's pearly white smile?

I did the conversion 10 years ago . Make sure it dosen't
LEAK!!!!.It took me about 2.5 hours to do the job.
It looked great when it was over.  Wash your hands to keep the headliner
This is a list of F.A.Q.'s and answers from the list.


There are two models of Fuba antennas. One is the rear roof mounted and
the other is a little known fender replacement unit. Lets forget about
the fender one for now because when I started the 1st sentence I meant
there are two Fubas; one amp'ed and one that is not amplified.

The standard, I believe, is to provide 12v via the coax cable. An
adapter jig can be ordered from Crutchfield to supply this power for the
amp in the ant.

Cruise this FAQ on Jan's site:   (Everybody ought to send Jan a dollar,
and not because he's expecting it.)


I too think the extra wire is an amp switch lead. Just guessing though.

FAQ ) I didn't take a good look under the roof (inside
the car), but I have absolutly no idea on how to
take the inside roof pannel off. I can't see any
screws or anything to let me take it off to tighten
the bolt...! Anyone know how to take it off?

FAQ) Im gettin a fuba antenna i was wonderin where the wire runs ?

FAQ) .How tough was it to get by the headliner?  It looks like it is very
to get underneath the headliner close to the door: you just slide the 
black thingie out of the car frame and the edge of the headliner is 
exposed. The tricky part seems to be close to the hole on the roof: the 
headliner there is snug underneath the rear-windshield rubber and doesn't 
look that trivial to get out and in again. How have you guys routed the 
antenna wire from the side of the car to the hole on the roof?

A). GO to a junk yard and do it on a junk car first. Do not run it up the
 "A" pil;lar on a Scirocco. Go up the "B" pillar.
It really is not that hard of a job.  Pull the passengers side rear
quarter window,  peal the headliner away from the window frame part of 
the car, lower the headliner, drill and mount as the
directions with the antenna instruct, run the wire down the passenger side
B-pillar and under the carpet to the front, and reassemble.


OIpen the hatch, and pull the seal. Peel the
headliner back and it will drape down. The drilling is easy especially now
since now you won't drill through the headliner. I put the wire in the
factory location. Over to the right c pillar down to ware the rear washer
resivor is the up front behine the rear quarter panel, then behind the rear
right door panel, under the back seat bottom and up the center of the floor
to the radio.

Just be patient, read the instructions, measure and mark where to drill
carefully, and enjoy the experience.   That or you could pay a shop way
too much to do it who most likely is not any  more competent than you. I
had a friend who paid someone to do it and the fool managed to put a hole
in the A-pillar running the wire...
Good luck!

A #2) I just installed my Fuba antenna.  I came with all the necessary
minus a drill bit.  It was very easy to install, just make sure you get it
centered.  The antenna cable was not long enough to reach my stereo,  I had
to but an two foot extension from Radio shack   $2.00.  I have no headliner
in my car cuz' it's slowly being redone.  I think it would be easier to
remove the top of the hatchback seal and pull the headliner back from

FAQ) Could one of you 16v guys measure how far from the "rear lip",
(where the hatch starts), of the roof the factory mounted Fuba hole is.
When I'm done drilling a hole in the roof of my 82 8v I want it to look
stock! Thanks in advance for the help.

FAQ) Can someone who has the stock 16v Fuba antenna do me a favour?  I am
installing the Fuba on my car (it goes in for paint next week - YAY!), and
I need to know where on the roof to drill the hole.  The sheet that came
with my antenna (and yes, I bought the real Fuba antenna from VW) has
dimensions for the Golf, Polo and Passat - but no Scirocco.

The measurement I need is from the back of the roof to the centre of the
antenna base.  For the Golf, it gives a dimension of 120 mm ... but I
would rather have someone measure it so I know I'm drilling in the right

A) Answer is 4.275 inches Rear lip to center of  Fuba when mounted.

A) When I installed my fuba, I measure a couple of 16v's and came up with a
measurement of about 6 to 6 1/2 inches.  I figured that I would err on
the side of caution and drilled it at 6 1/2.  That was almost a big
mistake. I have a sunroof and when it is fully retracted, it now comes
about 3/4 of an inch to 1/2 an inch from the front of the antenna.  I
would drill the hole at 6 inches from the back of the car and give
yourself some extra leeway.

R) 6.5in. ???? thats really weird. All the 16v I measured were around 3,
3.5in. I
don't have a head liner in my car (of a sun roof) so I could make some
difinative measurements from the inside to find out where you can drill
without getting in trouble.

Q) Is that 3-3.25 from the roof to the end of the antennae or to the
 He asked to the center of the antennae, I don't think I could be that
far off.

R) 3.25in from the end of the roof to the rear edge of the base of the
(not 3in to the hole.
FAQ. where do I get the cap to cover my driver side fender hole? Dealer?

A. My car came with it. It had no radio when it was new.
You can get the cap to plug the hole in the fender at Westcoast 
Metric. It is item #443-9900, it costs $1.40.
FAQ. does the Fuba kit come with absolutely all necessary items? 

A. Mine did. I had to buy a drill bit. I used a small  hole saw. RTV.
 I just follwed the directions that came with my antenna, used the sealant
stuff that came with it, and I've had -zero- leakage.  
FAQ. Even though the Fuba has the amplifier, some people say that it is 
actually less effective in reception than normal, long antennas, simply 
because of its tiny length. True? No?

A). It works ok. The advantage is the location( at the back) as far away
from the coil. I haven't found it to be a problem as long as it is grounded
good when
mounted this means you have to see bear metal on the under side of the

A) As for reception, Ilive of the east side of the Oregon Cascade mountain.
you want any acceptable radio station it has to come from Medford Oregon,
miles on the west side of the cascades.  reception is perfect!!!!!!!!!!
I just follwed the directions that came with my antenna, used the sealant
stuff that came with it, and I've had -zero- leakage.  

> I've had -zero- leakage. >

How long has it been up there?
Mine started to leak after 6 years. It stopped after 8 years. Sold it after
9 years.
I painted the edge of the sheet metal  ( in the new drilled hole) to
prevent rust.
It worked, I recomend it.
My other two 16v's (GTI & Scirocco) have not leaked as far as I know.

FAQ)  Another question concerning the Fuba, do they make a CB Radio
 model? Sure would like to avoid putting an ugly CB antenna on the
  Has anyone out there used a Fuba with a CB?
A)The fuba is way to short for the CB waves, I suggest get Radio Shacks
book about antennas thats how i figured it out. The length of the antenna
coil are important to its performance and i definatly suggest getting the
antenna to CB matched so you don't fry your CB. I made that mistake
>From the three antannae that I have changed, I found the easiest thing to
do is
to run the wire along the roof line, down the pillar, and under the dash to
back of the radio.  I have also found that the need to take out the old
is not necessary.  In fact, I am due to receive 2 Fubas from Denon, which I
a dealer for, that also amplify a cellular phone.  I havent used them yet,
even seen them for that matter, but it is described as a normal Fuba with a
that goes behind the radio, that has 2 plugs- 1 for the radio, and one for
cell phone.  They are much easier to replace in the Jetta or golf. 
there are always people looking for a fuba mast, and base.
The factory does NOT go up the pillar,
it goes from the radio down through the middle pad, back towards the 
rear along the floor pan, across to the passenger side rear footwell, 
up into the rear passenger sidewell and up and goes into the 
headliner in the pasnger back corner by that hatch pill arm then 
across the roof towards the driver side (to the middle) whereit is 
mounted.  this nets you limited headliner peelback, just peel back 
the rear cloth thats glued under the hatch rubber seal strip and 
disconenct the first metal wire (16v)
FAQ)Has anybody tried a Fuba antenna installation on a MK1?
 I hear it is not so easy...please respond if you have tried this.

A) Not hard at all

Carefully pull the rubber gasket from around the upper hatch rim.  It is 
glued into a channel so be carefull not to rip it.
Pull the headliner out from the bottom of this channel. I found that 
patience and a small set of needlenose pliers worked well.

This will allow the headliner to droop enough to drill the hole and tighten

the bolt without ripping the liner.

I routed my wire through the C pillar on the drivers side.  The problem you

will have is that the Fuba wire is not long enough to reach all the way to 
your stock radio position (mine is in the center like a Mk2) so you may 
have to get the antennae and wiring from a Jetta or Passat.

What bodykit can I get for my Scirocco?

Zender made a kit for the MK1. The "Scirocco S" airdam was a Zender.
Zender also made a nice unobrusive rear hatch wing.
Kamei made a Kit for the MK1. They made an airdam & grill also.
Foha made a front MK1 airdam.
Rieger made several kits for the MK1.

Kamei made the first MK2 kit that was offered from the factory.
Zender made a kit that was later changed to become the GTX kit or 16v kit.
The factory offered the 16v kit naturally.
Zender made the wild Z40 and Z400 kits.
BBS made a nice kit for the MK2.
Rieger made several kits for the MK2.
Seidl Tuning makes a nice MK2 'Big bumper' type kit for the MK2.
Kamei makes a grill spoiler for the Euro light equipped Mk2.

There are several kits made in Germany for the Mk1 & Mk2.

You can make your own "Big bumper Kit".
Some crap kit was made on the east cost too for the MK2.

Almost all of these styling treatments are out of production,
difficult to find, or very expensive.  Mostly all three.