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How's the Dynomax muffler?

I Had this 16v with a TT cat back sysem, and it had the dynomax in it...
broke a baffle after 2 weeks of driving it,, took it to local "race muffler
shop" and told him I needed something not to agressive (to not attract cops)
but that flows tru nicely..

first time he put this amazing "Magnaflow" muffler.... (basically a stright
thru 8v muffler) wow the power was there, but at 3K RPM... the rumble was
deffening.... so he changed it for a different version of the "Magnaflow
family" and it was almost perfect on power and sound balance.. but don;t
take my work for it... Ask Eli Meirs hes got the car now , I sold it to him
a few months ago....the cost of the muffler.... 89.99$

too many people put a price/value on retail names out there, and are
spending ,much more than they need to to have a performance car.

ATS - Patrick Bureau
'91 F250 7.3L Diesel, Super cab, 8 ft Bed, 5th wheel.
'98 Jeep Cherokee
'85 8v Prowler Orange Kamei X1 Scirocco GTX.
'85 8v Titian Red Scirocco (daily Driver)

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=>I think not, Bubb.  So, what your saying is that the installation
=>compromised the dynocrap muffler three times in a row?  Plus, the dynocrap
=>comes WITH the TT system and goes on ONE way?  C'mon man, who's not using