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BREAK IN-alarm success

So the unthinkable happened last night. 3:30 AM, car is parked accross the 
street from townhouse complex where I live, alarm goes off. In a drowsy haze 
I re-arm it thinking a passing truck set it off. Keep hearing warning chirps 
go off, and then alarm goes off again. Try to see what's up, and see cop car 
lights coming up the street. Hear commotion and decide to head down there.

Long story short. Two slimeballs caught, cops were already in the area 
investigating 4 breakins in under 4 hours. Cops hear my alarm, race over, 
and apprehend one adult and one minor. All stolen goods is in the 
perpetrator's car.

Damage to my 78: Smashed in Driver side rear window. Completely trashed 
instrument panel as the punks yanked out my Blaupunkt CD player. No other 
damage. Speakers and amp were untouched.

I have a feeling the 16" rims I have on there are what attracted the 
asswipes to the car, so now I have a car cover coming, with a lock kit.

But the amazing good fortune is that the guys got caught thanks to the alarm 
system I have on there. Hopefully the Judge will order restitution. Say, 
what does the dealer charge these days for an instrument panel? and a rear 
side window?

Hope your night was a little less evantful.

thanks for list(en)ing

85 Scirocco 2.0
78 Scirocco 1.8 Scrapes and bruises but nothing broken.
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