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Re: Universal window tint

> The store bought stuff does work, and exactly the same(until there
are compound
> complex curves in the window.)BUT, the film will fade within 3
yrs-by fading, I
> mean turn that purple colour that everyone calls limo purple
tint.-still you are
> right, the store stuff works. hell, I used it for about 5 yrs before
I found a
> bulk pro tint.

How much would a roll of 3m good stuff go for? I've
seen shit for sale for like $16 a roll, but I could
just imagine how shitty it is. Probably like the tint I have on my car
now. Also where can you buy tint? Tint shops? If it costs about
$112-230 for a roll I might as well get it done professionally, they
screw up!!!!


Paul Maione (Rump Rocker)
Scirocco 86' 8v (Stored for winter :p)
[]D [] []V[] []D 
"There's nothing more exhilarating than pointing out
the short comming of others is there?" - Randall 
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