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Re: Window leak veterans?

Oh my god, you have no idea. The difference was phenomenal. No rattles 
anywhere (the entire car is padded) and the solid thud of the doors is 
beautiful. Granted, a lot of blood was sprayed getting behind the sharp 
metal frame, but if you can get thru that your doors with sound great. 
The only problem I have now is the leaks coming in from the top, where 
the window comes thru. BTW, I also used some other devices to stop door 
rattles, including a paint can cap wrapped in foam between the 
front-middle of the frame and the window track. This stopped 50% of the 
rattles. Db must have gone up by 5 or 10 since I insulated my car. 
Passengers are holding their ears when they get out.


In a message dated 2/22/99 2:53:08 AM, fluidweb@hotmail.com writes:

<<Also, I just dynamatted both doors and put my new speakers in>>

Did the Dynomat make a noticeable differance? I hope to but some 
insulation in
my doors in the next week or so.


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