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Re: Sticking throttle?

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999 22:37:50 -0700 Mike VanAmburgh <vwvr6r@fiber.net>
>Hi all - My 88 16V developed a problem yesterday where the motor would
>just rev up by itself.  The first time it happened I just figured that
>the gas pedal got stuck on the floor mat or something.  Then later in
>the day it happened again between my 1-2 shift.  The car revved to
>redline on it's own!  I've been noticing lately too that the idle when
>coming up to a stoplight for instance, has been a bit high.  For the
>hell of it I stuck my foot under the gas pedal, pulled up on it and the
>idle smoothed out.  So I imagine the throttle is sticking somewhere. 
>Sometime it'll stick at 3k rpm, sometime at 2k, blah blah.  I've never
>experienced anything like this before and was wondering where to start
>looking and how to go about fixing it.  Do I need a new throttle cable
>or does it just need a little lubing?

Id try and duplicate it in the driveway. Then shut off the motor and look
at the TB. See if the throttle cable is loose. if it is, then the TB
itself is sticking. If the cable is tight then there is something holding
the cable. 
>From the sound of it, the cable might be the fault. Remove it and lube
it up really good. Then again, check and see if the pesky floor mat is
the problem. Might need to nail it down. 

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