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Re: Electronics/for euro lights

> This may be overkill...but I will have
> 4 Bosch relays
> 4 in-line blade fuse holders with 15Amps in each
> all with...10gauge wire.
> I'm doing it once,  doing it right, no one is going to be looking in there,
> and running as many wires from contact to contact without splicing into it.
> By golly, I think I've got it.

    Its all good, except for the part with the 10 gauge wire.  If you
use the
  stock type of female connector that goes in the white tab, 10 gauge
may be
  to large.  I use 12 gauge it can be a PITA to get it jammed in there. 
  something to ponder...  =p 


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