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[SHOW] Texas HotWaterBlast !!!

This is the show! be there, or well, I'll have Meze come breake your 
kneecaps or hubcaps, whichever he finds first...


really folks, take a day of vacation and come down for the weekend, 
it's really nice here, theres lotsa fine cars to see and shoot the 
shit with, and it's only 1/2 way across the country! You could head 
out friday morning, get here Fri night/saturday, chill a bit, hang 
out with us on Sat night at a local hamburger joint and get all 
rested (sobered) up for the show sunday, then head home after the 
show, and relax on moday, 2 days off work max and thats if you live 
the extreme 1200 miles away.

so whos gonna make it???? I wanna see some Scirocco take over this 
damn show! if i get 10 of you folks to show up from out of state 
hell. i' ll show both my Sciroccos!


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