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SV: Corrado Brakes..

The weight difference between the 256mm and 280mm disc is no
big. The 256mm disc looks exactly as the 239mm vented, only
bigger when the 280mm disc have venting holes between the "hub"
and "disc". The caliper from a G60 and a Scirocco is the same,
the carrier is differnet and sligthly heavier for the G60.

Roland Johansson
Scirocco 1,6l TIC -82

> >Nothing else was required.  I have seen this thread go on for
> >now. Some people are probially
> >really getting tired of reading about this.  I think the
argument as to 
> >if it is worthwhile is moot.  
> And if they are getting tired of this thread, then im quite
sure they all
> know how to use the delete button and they're more than
welcome to use
> it. At least this thread IS well on topic unlike some that
have been
> going around lately and you pick this one to complain about?
C'mon dude.
> >On a
> >stock or near stock roc the factory set up is perfect (the
high paid 
> >engineers figured it out). 
> Wrong dude. On a stock Scirocco that is driven as a daily
driver as this
> car was intended, YES, this is a fine braking system whether
it be the
> 9.4" or the 10.1" system. It works just fine for those grocery
> drivers. 
> We, however, have been talking about performance driving. 
> >However, add 50 to 70 hp to that roc and you have an argument
> upgraded 
> >exhaust and brakes.

As said earlier, lots of power and hard driving needs big
brakes. Take a look at the World Rally Cars, example the car
World champions Tommi Mäkinen is driving, it got 13" hugh
slotted and drilled discs and hugh Alcon 4 pistons calipers.
This guys drive on snow and gravel, why do they need so big

> Im hoping that the exhaust was upgraded to get the added
50-70hp.... :)
> >  I acquired
> >a 92 Corrado with 28K miles that was rolled (totalled).  I
> >brakes and using these made a lot
> >of sense.  I used the entire hub and brake setup.  The only
thing I 
> >have left to do is cross drill for some
> >loss of weight and cooling.  
> You would be better off with slotted IMHO.... 
> >Nigel, I am very happy with the upgrade and would recommend
it to anyone
> >that wants to have a better (yes, better) brake system. 
There has 
> >been a lot of good input and I reapect
> >the various opinions....that is why I belong to this list.  
> See, this kinda irritates me. Here we have been hashing out
> differences of the brake systems and i've been hoping that
some of you
> 11" brake users would of stepped to the plate and offered up
> experiences and opinions of the larger brakes but now that
we've spent
> numerous days debating this without anybody offering up any
kind of real
> world experience until now? jesus.

I guess some of us made our point early and thought it was no
idea to argue with people that already made their mind that
256mm brakes where enough for everyone since they never got them
to fade, other might drive different. I havent yet got my 280mm
discs and original Scirocco calipers to fade but that must be to
little power, Yes I need more power. Then I can get them to fade
and have to get even bigger brakes.

That what's it about. If you like your car you trie to do
improvements and restore it. Then you can choose different
routes, original, sport or race (not to forget your own mix).

And when autocrossing, what speeds are you up to? Guess it's not
as fast as when you do some highway speeding or real track. My
crossdrilled 239mm discs faded on second braking from 200km/h
with new fluid and OE pads, my 280mm slotted with cheapest pads
I could find don't fade on four brakings from 200

>               Shawn Meze
> 86' Jetta GLi           82' Scirocco GTi
> The Fastest, Quickest, Cleanest and
> best looking Scirocco in all of San Diego!

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