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Re: [TECH]Funny Sounds Q's

This problem is typically your brake pads rattling against their carriers. Check to
see if you have the anti-rattle clips still. Often, they are missing for whatever
reason and they will rattle like this.

Kevin wrote:

> I get this one too. EXTREMELY frustrating. I have removed my front swaybar,
> I have upper and lower stress bars, new ball joint, new tie rods, new cv
> shaft. I've torqued all the front suspention components nultiple times.
>         I was thinking today that it's probably my upper strut bearing. They've
> got almost .5" space between the rubber and the hat. They're about 4 years
> old now.
>         CAn the upper strut bearings hurt/break anything if not serviced for long?
> >3. This clanking sound coming from my driver side front end while going
> >over small bumps, it also rattles really bad when just driving over
> >rough roads(not perfect) I mean really rattles, sounds like metal
> >rattling up against metal.
> >
> >Thanx in advance for any opinions, any and all are welcomed, cause this
> >is really bugging me.  It is however really nice to just listen to the
> >purrr of my kitten while driving.
> >
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