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[TECH]Funny Sounds Q's

Recently I took out my entire interior so all that was left is Driver
seat and complete dash.  Just so I could listen to my car.  With no
stereo or back seat I noticed a few sounds eminating from my baby...	

1. Squeek right at the top when I release my brake, usually just at a
slower speed, or right about to stop.  Sounds like the pedal, but
sometimes from the back end too.

2. While braking at a very slow speed, once again, right before a stop,
there is this grinding-rattle sound coming from the ass end. Maybe just
the right side, but could very well be both.

3. This clanking sound coming from my driver side front end while going
over small bumps, it also rattles really bad when just driving over
rough roads(not perfect) I mean really rattles, sounds like metal
rattling up against metal.

Thanx in advance for any opinions, any and all are welcomed, cause this
is really bugging me.  It is however really nice to just listen to the
purrr of my kitten while driving.

- -- 
Jody Bailey
85 Scirocco 8v
"It's not what you are, but what you don't become that hurts." -Oscar
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