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RE: Quaife

I'm not sure just how useful or effective the Quaife differential is.  I
still get plenty wheelspin on wet roads and even a little spin on dry
pavement under full throttle in first gear (with my 195/50/15 Dunlop

I had it installed because my transmission required a total rebuild.  So,
not only is the Quaife expensive, you must tear the transmission down
completely in order to install it.  Not a trivial task and not something 99%
of Scirocco owners have the tools or expertise to perform themselves.

My advice:  spend your money on good rubber and get a limited slip kit from
Velocity for $99.

I hear you can order one from any number of distributors in the U.K. for
less than $1000.  If you're convinced you need one, I'd try contacting
Quaife directly and asking for a list of dealers/distributors.

- -Brad

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> Hi,
> Saw your webpage(Scirocco).  Nice.  Had a question about your
> Quaife.  How do
> you like it?  Did you install yourself?  Any problems?  You
> mentioned that it
> can be had for less than $1000... where?  Can you tell I want one?
> Thanks.
> -dick wong-
> A fellow lister.
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