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NFP was : reiger catalog?

did not want to offend anybody...
I even got married in a Rieger convertible  :)
but personally I prefer the "clean look"
and some power under the hood.

>well, it's easy for you to say NFP, but
>we've got the lame-ass US bumpers here.
>Since I can't find euro's I'll have to do something.
>Besides, everybody wants their rocco to look a
>little different than the next rocco, don't they? :-)

of course you are right.
 I was only jealous ;-)

>What do DeutscheMarks translate into US $?
>(if you're willing to send one, that is)

If you canĄt manage to obtain one for free (as Ryan suggested)
I will get you one.
Today, I get 1,67 DM for an US$ from my bank
this varies day by day at the moment....

best regards

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