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16V top speed/racing update

> 	Even after pushing many a car to its engine's limits on Germany's precious
> Autobahnen, I have never, ever witnessed a 4-cylinder car that pulls from
> 130 to 160km/h (80 to 100mph) as quickly as my 16v Scirocco.  It's a tough
	i'd have to agree with jason here.  the pull from 130 to 160 is
nice.  and once you put a 2.0L in there, it pulls that much better, and
even a little farther.  when i had the 2.0 in my 16V rocco, i had it up to
212km/h.  that's what the speedo said for a good 2 minutes.  i made sure
to watch it for sure to see where exactly the needle was pointing ( i had
lots of room to try this out).

	unfortunately, my suspension is a little high up right now, plus
my mk1 jetta is shaped like a brick, so due to the lack of aerodynamics,
i can only see a max of about 205 with a draft and/or hill.

> complain...  I just make use of it.  5th to 4th downshifts at 130km/h
> (80mph) just lend a relentless surge of acceleration that leaves me smiling
> every time.

	5th to 4th?  dude, i'm sure you could stretch 3rd out a little
more if you tried ;)

	but now if you would all let me tell you a little story about last
nights' adventures on the highways and biways of toronto.  if you don't
want to read about it, delete here...otherwise, enjoy.

	last night at about 1.00am i was cruising along an onramp from one
highway to another when i spotted a slammed 92-style passat in the express
lanes about half a km from me.  i weasled my way thru some traffic only to
look in my rearview and see this SLAMMED 16V mk2 jetta on my tail.  i've
seen this car up close before...16" DTM-style rims hidden up in the wheel
wells, exhaust, sweet metallic blue/silver paint and shaved door
handles.  absolutely gorgeous ride.

	anyways, the jetta decided it wanted to play, so i gave it a bit
of gas to see what he could do, then i pulled into another lane to let
hiim pass.  while he passed, he kind of looked over at me with his best
badbwoy gaze.  i quickly hopped in behind him and we both went for it.
we brought our cars up to 200km/h in no time.  at one point, there was
enuff room for me to swing out and pass him, and cuz i was drafting him, i
did it quite easily.  i noticed that he dropped back a bit, so i ddi the
same, and when he passed me by, he gave me a nod and a big smile.  then
the original passat who i had wanted to run flew past us.  we of course
jumped the gas and chased him down.  we kinda all held back for a sec and
then punched it again.  the passat got beat by the both of us, and i
pulled on the dude in the jetta...feels pretty good to have the needle
showing 200 and feeling yourself pull away from your adversary

	there's this one hill along the highway that we were on that's a
good 2 or 3 km long and quite steep, we entered it at 200 and managed to
pull another 5 or so km/h out of it.  while going down the three lane
highway, the two right lanes were occupied at a point not too far away
from us.  i was in the left lane, just a bumper skin ahead and the jetta
was in the middle lane, not giving up at all.  as wqe approached the pair
of unsuspecting cars, i moved overa  little to the paved shoulder and gave
my man some room.  we managed to squeeze by with nary a problem (tho i
think that someone in the other cars might've filled their shorts...)  it
was at this point that the guy in the jetta was flashing his headlights
and throwing me peace signs and nuff respects in my general direxion.  i
know that if i see this guy again, we'll be on pretty good terms.

	well, jetta-man got off the highway before i did, so i kept
cruising along at about 130 or so, when i noticed the passat again, coming
up on me.  i matched his speed (about 140 or so), and slipped behind him
while we both accelerated.  not to big myself up too much, but i walked up
on him like nothing, and when i pulled to his left, and felt the wind
suddenly get in my way, i still had enuff go to power WAY past him.  that
felt oh so good.  he went his own way, i went mine, and sure enuff, i
pulled up next to a 16V mk2 golf with exhaust/rim/suspension...the usual.
we talked for a bit and kinda ran, but it was nothing special.  as he
turned to go his own way, another shaved doorhandled, slammed mk2 jetta
pulled up and we kinda played for a bit from the lights.  this one was an
8V, tho, and i made sure to dust him properly ;)  lastly, when i turned
off to go my own way from the jetta, i joined up with a black 16V
scirocco.  I WAS IN HEAVEN!  we kinda raced, but nothing special...which
is too bad.  anytime i get to race a rocco, i really get stoked.
	well, that's my story for today.

	as a side note, it appears that i have destroyed the little cup
that holds my front motor mount in place.  the cup is still connected to
my mount (TT poly), but the bolts and plate are still connected to my
front crossmember.  looks like i'm gonna have to come up with a way to
strengthen that puppy up.

the mad bastard

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