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SV: big bumpers? AND BOOM CRASH BANG

Havent finished the work with golf bumpers yet. They are cut out
to fit (the Scirocco is like 3-4cm wider). It's only fitting it
to the old bumper mount to go and painting.
But time is lacking. 
Yesterday my motor sad boom crash and went like shit until I
found an escape on the highway. When I tried to start it after
looking thruu the motor compartment it didn't want to start.
After towing it home for 2,5 hours I unscrewed the plugs. #2 was
full of aluminium. With a visual check #2 and #1 looked to be
damaged. Bad compression on all except #2 that had ZERO
Guess I at least must fit new pistons, headgasket and probobly
one or two exhaust valves. Mill the cylinder head and hope that
my bearings and turbo survived.

It costs much to be on top.

Roland Johansson
Scirocco 1,6l TIC -82

> > correctly...i think that the only mk2 bumpered mk2 scirocco
that i have
> > seen is our man in sweden with the turboed 8V rocco.  what's
> > name...anders??  i cannae remember, now.  i'm sure someone
else will tho.
> > hth
> Going by the pics from scirocco.org, the bumpers on the vr6
are mk2 big
> bumpers.  I think roland is the swedish dude you are thinking
of.  i have
> yet to see pics of his car with the big bumpers fitted, i
remember him
> talking of the project though.  have you seen any ??  and
> 		Danke..
> Owen

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