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nice Mk1 in Huntington

I wish I did. I need some help on my 81 MK1 and I would like
to talk the owner of a nice MK1.

This is what I have done in the week that I have had the car.

I got a second grille. I got and installed half of the chin spoiler.
I blacked out the trim around the front and rear glass.
Detailed the paint and washed the under side and motor.
I rebuilt the deck lid/cover. I replaced the wheel centers.
I added the three gauge cluster in the radio hole.
I got the plastic part that goes
under the hood vents. Ours is all busted up.
I also got another rear deck
strap. They are different than the MKII and
I figured why not get it. I reinstalled
the rear badges so they sit flat to the hatch, 
change the drivers side head lights
with the ones the previous owner gave us and cut up
some black carpet to use as floor mats.
The spare tire was flat so I filled it up with air.
I cleaned the crap out of the 
head liner and the carpet on the door panel.
I exchanged the drivers side door to
compartment light switch with the one that the
previous owner gave us. I changed the 
cabin light too. I put a switch on the trunk
light so it will not be on all the time.
I replaced the wiper arm.

I have exchanged the door panels from the brown ones to black ones. 
I changed the center console for a black one. I replaced the AC control
with a black one from an "S". I got a glove box light. I got a black glove
box door.
I put in the rear seat from an "S" which is black and gray. 
I cleaned the crap off of them. I got black carpet to install. I replaced
the clock
for the stock one, ours was green and now all gauges  match.
I got an upper stress bar. I got new H4ís and H1ís (headlights)
The motor upgrades and springs are are on the long list.
I would have just trashed the interior
but I need it for DSP.

I need:
wheels 13X7's
Race seats.
Seat belts
Lower bars
Roll bar
Air dam
and much more.

87 16v silver Scirocco GTX
81 8v red MK1 Scirocco "S"

Message text written by Kevin Collins
>Hey SoCal guys.. saw an awesome Mk1 in my neighborhood this morning..
blue, nice rims, VERY clean.. vanity plate "HB ALEX".. anybody know this

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Kevin Collins
Huntington Beach, CA
'86.5 Scirocco 16V 2.0
'97 GTI VR6<

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