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Re: [tech 16v] timing and compression

Have you checked the condition of the fuse-box?  The sciroccos are prone 
to leaking through the grommets in the bulkhead / base of th windscreen,  
and the water runs straight through the top of the fusebox and corrodes 
the conductors, causing arcing & shorts.  The box is dead easy to 
dismantle - the back unclips - the hard bit is getting access to get it 
out and remembering which wire goes where!

Good luck...

>From: "Ryan Schuermann" <rts@nol.net>
>To: scirocco-l@scirocco.org
>Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 12:13:50 +0000
>Subject: [tech 16v] timing and compression
>Reply-to: rts@nol.net
>Well, the Corrado is running really nice so it's time to
>get back to my rocco. Ever since I washed the engine bay it hasn't 
>been running right, well I did the obvios replace distributor, plugs,
>rewired + from strater to battery and ran extra wire from alt to 
>battery, cleaned up the grounds, checked and set ignition timing. 
>(16v 87 Scirocco)
>I did a compression test, now the  Bentley says to keep the car WOT 
>while reading compression? Is this necessary? anyways this is what i 
>aint this a little high?? Well the car runs like complete crap now, I 
>swear its valve timing thst's wayyy off, here's the symptoms
>the car is slow, boggy, slow to rev up in gear and slowto speed up, 
>it takes me forever and a day to get to 45 and I think I top out at 
>60mph in it in 4th..5th gear i just loose speed. The car has 
>absolutely no power and the engine does shake quite a bit more than 
>it should, also exhaust is very put put puttery.
>Setting cam timing does'nt look that hard, but I don't want to mash a 
>valve. I can't find the timing mark on the cam sprocket, theres no 
>hash mark on one of the teeth, what the heck??, and have no idea 
>where to look or what I need to remove to see the crank timing mark 
>and the dampner mark. Is all this stuff visible from above the engine 
>thanks and its nice to be back.
>1987 16v Rieger Scirocco
>1987 8v Cabriolet
>1990 Corrado G60(still for sale)
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