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84 Wolfsburg loses it's home

The 84 VW Scirocco Wolfsburg edition that I
aquired has to go!! I lost my storage space !
( my dad won't let me keep it at his place much longer! )
The car's body is very clean!! But the hood is bent.
It has sat for the last 7 years but still runs, just not very
good. I think it may have bad gas and deposits in the
fuel lines and system. I have replaced the fuel pump
and passenger's side half shafts, but it needs one tire
and brakes on passenger's rf, and a muffler. The car
is alpine white, has the MFA computer and power windows.
If anybody is interested in giving this car a good home, or needs
parts please let me know!! I would prefer to keep it intact!!
I will be taking pics of it to send to interested parties!!



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