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Re: Engine Temp Gauge problems

> Hey everybody, 
> I got this strange problem. Latley when I drive my car, the temp gauge bounces  from hot to cold and every where in between. It does it when the car is idling or when in 1st gear when I'm slowing down. When I'm driving it doest'n really move at all. sometime it looks as if its in tune to my stereo. If anybody else has had this problem, please let me know how you fixed it. So far it has not been a problem but it could have been when my coolant return line rotted right through and I didn't notice until I g
ot home and saw anitfreez dripping down. If anybody could help I would be most greatful. If it matters, my car is an 84 with a 92 8v GTI engine it.
>         Gary

Two things: 

1. Please hit return every once in while, it'll make reading your postings 
much easier. :)

2. You might want to change your voltage stabilizer, it's a little 3 pronged 
black electrical piece that's screwed down into the back of your gauge 
cluster.  It has connections in the flexible circuit board at the rear of
the cluster.  In 10 years or so I've only had 1 go bad, but I think I remember
the gauges acting all screwy like that.  


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