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Re: getting an A3 2.0 8v..

Shawn C Meze wrote:

> On Thu, 03 Sep 1998 00:12:13 -0400 nigel@psycode.com (Nigel Heron)
> writes:
> >hey guys,
> >
> >i just found myself an A3 2.0 crossflow 8v out of a 94-95 jetta
> >it comes w/ the complete electronics including the motronic and the
> >entire fuse box and harness.
> Bastard!

hehe, you jealous or something?? :-)

> >the transmission (anyone know the code?)
> What is this? A quiz? Or are you just too lazy to look at it yourself?
> (Dont MAKE me drive all the way there to just read the tranny code dude!)
>    :)

smart ass! <smile> .. i'm getting it tomorrow morning, so i haven't checked
it yet
it's out of a jetta though, so it's a wide ratio

> > w/ the clutch and flywheel,
> >alternator w/ the pulleys (the flat belt one), and all the fuel stuff.
> >the only parts i'll be missing is the o2 sensor, the exhaust manifold,
> >and the air box (but i'll use a p-flow anyway)
> >i'm picking it up for 1800$ can = 1,160 $US
> BASTARD!!! Damn good price if it all had low miles ..... um, I mean KM's
> on it!

it's got 50K kms , that's something like 30K miles
the guy had 3 of them lying around

> >can someone tell me which cars i can get dual exhaust manifolds from?
> >78-80 roccos/rabbits, right?
> yes, but I dont know if it fits the crossflow head or not.

i think the exhaust ports are the same as the regular 8v, John Ryland said
that he used his manifold from his 8v rocco on his new A3 engine

> >what about diesels?
> yes, same as above.

what years?  'cause i'm pretty sure i'll never find one in the yard that's
older than 84-85 that isn't completely rusted out..

> >do A2 dual manifolds/downpipes fit?
> They do not. The A2 manifold is offset and it will run into the shift
> linkage.

humm.. i see...

> >or would this engine be better suited for headers?
> >thanks,
> >Nigel Heron
> >86 Scirocco
> >85 Scirocco Wolfsburg
> Thats exactly what *I* was thinking. Why not go full bore with the swap
> and install a set of headers? Sounds appropriate to me. My only question
> is how is the exhaust ports configured. Same as the regular 8V heads, or
> is it different? Hmm...
>               Shawn Meze

you think that the height of the block would affect the headers fitting in
there nicely?
i just hope i don't have to chop my hood for clearance

Nigel Heron
86 Scirocco
85 Scirocco Wolfsburg

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