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Re: Handle

>> I just ripped the handle (black) off the right hand side of my 87' 
>> rocco. Does anyone have a spare one? I'd be very interested.
>Speaking of handles, are these things prone to breakage?  I've replaced
>both of them on my 'Rocco.  And they're still not much better!
>'86 8v red martian
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>   http://www.flash.net/~nowlan/

I used to work for a dealership, and one of our marques was Porsche. I 
was taking a liik at a customers 944, and they have handles that are 
extremely similar to ours- except they are a 1 piece design, they are 
metal, and they have the word PORSCHE in them. I never did see one off 
the car, so I don't know how you'd put that screw that hides under the 
trim strip in (behind the door?). Looks to be a cool subtle mod!

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