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Re: Handle

What do you guys do to your handles? I've never had a handle break on any VW. Even on those frozen winter days. It's you baby, treat it with care I hate to see them get hurt.  

Now those from Asia... 

mark hausler
'81 scirocco S
'94 toyo 4x4
 ---- you wrote: 
> > 
> > I just ripped the handle (black) off the right hand side of my 87' 16v
> > rocco. Does anyone have a spare one? I'd be very interested.
> Speaking of handles, are these things prone to breakage?  I've replaced
> both of them on my 'Rocco.  And they're still not much better!
> Dan
> '86 8v red martian
>    mailto:nowlan@flash.net
>    http://www.flash.net/~nowlan/

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