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suspension problems / Jamex Bump Stops

I am having problems getting an acceptable suspension set-up with 
current install: H&R 55mm drop springs with Boge Pro-gas shocks on an 
'85 Storm.
Tried with standard bump-stops - bounces like it's on a trampoline.
Take the bump-stops out and there is too much travel and it bottoms out 
hard.  The whole equation is complicated by the fact that the car has a 
'92 2.0 audi unit replacing the standard 1.8: with the block being a bit 
bigger, there's bound to be more weight over the front wheels.

Has anyone tried this spring/shock (or similar) combination?

Any opinions on the Jamex uprated bump-stops?

Budget is limited so Bilsteins are not the answer!

'85 Storm 2.0
'86 GT 1.8
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