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Re: Autotech Swaybar

> There are two different full subframe connectors available for the A1 that I
> am aware of.  Autotech sells one, which can be seen at
> http://www.autotech.com/stresbar.htm.  The other is Euro Sport Accessories,
> and can be seen at http://www.eurosportacc.com/vw/vw-html/vw-tiebars.html.
> The Autotech bar is more expensive, but I trust Autotech and have no
> experience with Euro Sport Acc.
> HTH,
> Aaron

Techtonics also makes a copy of the 16v Scirocco bar.  In fact, just get
one from a parted out 16v Scirocco if you need one.  I've seen several cars
being parted out in the news group in recent history.

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