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Re: 16V question-colors

At 08:21 AM 9/2/98 -0400, Ingrid Hopkins wrote:
>I also have an 87 16v in Alpine white.
>Grid & Stew

Well, that proves that you and DanMay are both weird.  :)  Hehe...

	That's curious.. the 87 Scirocco Catalog I have lists only 3 colors for
the 16v; black, red, and silver.  They probably added Apline White later in
the production year.  When were both of your cars produced?  My guess is
late in the 87 model year (4/87 or later?)  Strange.. although I have been
told that even the 1988 VW catalogs did not list Alpine White as a color
for the 16vs.  Oh well...

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