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NON-Scirocco...can someone help this guy/gal out ??

Hey all............this little story was left on my guestbook by a now
desperate individual. I thought maybe one of you guys can help out......read
below. (You would probably be better off replying to the writer than the
list or myself) 

THANKS for any help you guys can send her/him:

         I own a 1988 Jetta GLI 16V Wolfsburg edition. Its a fun car
 to drive but I have a mystery problem. At night, also early in the morning
or when the outside air gets cooler I'm assuming,
 my car totally boggs out and won't accelerate for crap it won't even reach
redline. So sometimes when I cycle the key from
 off to on while its in gear the problem sometimes goes away but when the
problem comes back it usually happens when I
 accelerate to 2600 RPM then it boggs out again. During the day when the
temperature is warmer the car runs excellent with
 no power loss at all. I figure 3 things the Halls generator, the Computer,
or the distributor are the ones causing the problem.
 But if one of those is the problem why does it work fine during the day.
I'm to the point of begging for a solution somebody
 please HELP! my VW mechanic does'nt even know what the problem is.I would
greatly appreciate any kind of respone, you
 can reach me at WMVoight@juno.com Thank you everybody! P.S. My fingers are
about to fall off from typing this story
 over and over. Thanks again for any type of advice!

    Verne :    
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