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Re: [non-scirocco]Accelerating too fast

hey guys!
.. sorry it took so long to reply, but i was on vacation (in cancun, in my
hotel there was actually a bar called "Scirocco Tequila Bar"!)

Shawn C Meze wrote:


> >The "contest" took place on a two-lane-in-each-direction road starting
> >as Shawn and I approached a red light.  As we were nearing a stop,
> >(5-10mph?),
> >I heard him blip the throttle into 1st, and I did same.  The light
> turned
> >green after we were both in 1st, and we both hit the gas.  There was
> >no wheelspin, just engine sound.  We kept pretty even up until I hit
> >about 5500 in 1st, at which point I started to gain (obviously due to
> the
> >16v's better high-end breathing).  By the time I chriped my wheels into
> >second, my front seats were about even with Shawn's front axle.
> Id say this was accurate.

yep, i'd say that was the way it happened too..

> >Here is exactly what happened.  Shawn and I agreed that the results
> would
> >have been very, very close if indeed our cars were weighed down
> similarly.
> >The fact of the matter was that I was far enough in front of Shawn by
> the
> >end of 2nd gear to be able to see his lights, at which point I shifted
> into
> >3rd and kept my foot off the gas to allow Jay & Alee and Kareem to catch
> up
> >with us; and then Shawn passed me.
> Actually, there was a car that had pulled out in front of us. I thought
> you HAD to back off. Thats when I figured the fight was over. I didnt
> know if you wer gonna get back in the throttle or not so I kept my foot
> in it a little longer.

after that other car pulled out and Jason slowed down, we were way in front, so
Shawn slowed down while Jason caught up. Then the cop lights went on, Shawn
pulled over to the curb, Jason passed us, the cop then passed us and was trying
to ram Jason of the road, then he completely cut him off.. that really freaked
us out..

>After we got out of jail <ahem> we discussed the race, and the extra
>weight that Shawn had in his car... and came to the conclusion that we

> >probably would have been neck and neck if he didn't have all that shit
> >in his car.  So, our MUTUAL agreement was that our cars were similar in
> >their acceleration, and therefore the race was deemed a TIE.
> >       That's the way it was.
> True, but my "unoficial version" was more fun for me!  :)
> >(And Shawn, if you wanna get dirty, remember I was in front of
> >*you* when we finally got pulled over... so there! Na Na Po Po) :)
> Yeah, but I thought you were gonna run. When the blue's came on, I was
> already heading to the curb. You passed me, then the cop passed me. I was
> hoping that he would just nab YOU and I could bail out of there! In fact,
> if I were more knowlegable of the area, I would of done just that at that
> point! There were many side streets I could of jetted down and hasted my
> escape. But then, how would I of gotten back to the hotel? I didnt know
> were the hell I was at. Nigel just smiled the whole time.

hehe, of course i was smiling, i was having a blast!.. until they pulled us
over that is..
Sciroccos are cars that i love been a passenger in.. just something magical
about them i guess :-)

> You know, i dont think I ever got an opinion from Nigel of the whole
> thing, did you? After all, he WAS riding with me. Just smiled. :)

<still smiling>

as for the race.. i think if Shawn didn't have the extra weight he would have
pulled away off the line, but then Jason probably would have caught up again
while revvin' his 16v..  so, i think it would have been a really close race..

as for Shawn's car.. wow! .. it was a great ride, the thing that impressed me
the most was the engine's  smoothness, it just felt "right" .. it's hard to
describe. The clutch felt great. The handling felt great and so did the brakes,
even with a blown koni that was leaking on one of the front disks. I don't know
if i could get used to that rear view mirror tough..

>Well, he DID bail me out after all. I doubt any American would of done

hehehe .. it was 5 canadians bailing out 2 american hardened criminals

> that for me. Oh, then again, he DID get to drive my car to the police
> station. I know he drove it Fast too because he followed the car I was
> sitting in and he drove like a lunatic! At least WE didnt squeal tires
> and do burnouts from stoplights like the arresting officer did......

that cop was a nutcase.. he was booooooting it.. i was going pretty fast trying
to keep up with him.. Shawn's car felt real good though.. i felt kinda' bad
that i was enjoying myself so much while the Shawn was in handcuffs.. but hey,
that's what a Scirocco is for right?

Nigel Heron

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