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Re: Once Upon a Wheel...

Danielle mentioned:

AR>When's the last time you saw "Grand Prix" with Steve McQueen??
AR>Or that other, really old B&W movie with Clark Gable? (I can't
AR>remember the name right now -- Alzheimer's I'm sure).

Don't mean to be too critical, but Grand Prix was a big-budget flick
starring James Gardner (1977 PG).  It's availabe on VHS and laserdisc.

"Le Mans," THE quintessential Porsche film starred Steve McQueen (1971
G). Not much of a story, but who cares? The 917s and other Le Mans cars
are fantastic!

Don't know the Clark Gable film...another good racing film? Anyone know
the name?

John A-G
94 Jetta GL (H-Stock BEWARE!)
68 Porsche 911 (Tired, but so nice to look at)

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