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Re: [wheel][major help!]

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998 04:42:35 -0800 "Smokinn"
<smokinn@crestview.sbceo.k12.ca.us> writes:
>I knew a guy that use to get them off by pounding sockets on to the it. 
>just have to be very careful and not pound it all the way up to the rim.
>by-the-way, you won't be able to use the sockets again.  The lugs/studs
>inside.  HTH.

I was gonna recommend this method. I've done it once before. You CAN
reuse the socket. All you need is a vice and a punch. Put the socket in
the vice and hammer out the locking wheel bolt with the punch. Be sure to
use a little spray lube, it WILL expedite the process for you. I used the
same socket on all 4 wheels. Definitely not fun, but do-able. The socket
was pretty much toast after the last one came off. YMMV. :)

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