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Re: Cujo (was My turn to bitch and moan)

I'm just going to add a "me too" to what Mannix said...  putting the dog
to sleep is totally ridiculous.  If it would make you feel better and
the owner is willing, my St Bernard/Mastiff mix could use some company. 
And if it really IS 215 pounds (doubt that, maybe 140) I'll pay for the
dog!  Please don't have it put to sleep


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Iain Mannix wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Jan 1998, Jason wrote:
> >       See, when I picked up my car, I was attacked by his 215 pund (I am not
> > making this up) St. Bernard watch dog.  While in the hospital, with a 1"
> > hole through my right (shift) hand, I told him that if he had the dog put
> > to sleep, I wouldn't press charges or sue.
> Hmmm.  What's that going to fix?  This, in my opinion, is lame.  You got
> bitten by a dog.  You, a human being, are supposed to be SMARTER than a
> dog.  I find it hard to believe that a 215 pound dog with a reputation for
> being aggressive snuck up on you and got a snack.  My mother's dog bit
> some moron over Christmas - idiot was running down the street, directly
> toward my mother.  He saw the dog, yelled something like "IS THAT ON A
> LEASH?" and kept running toward my mother.  Idiot.  What did he expect?
> Man, making loud, aggressive noises and running toward the owner?  She's a
> _very_ friendly 15 year old arthritic German Shepherd, what else is she
> going to think?  "This guy is trying to get my mother.....bite."  First,
> the guy wanted his pants replaced.  OK, that's fair.  The dog officer in
> our town(a small farm town with no leash laws) mandated that the dog be
> leashed when off our property(our driveway is 200' long, closest neighbors
> are 500' away), ok, that's reasonable.  She can barely walk down stairs -
> not at all a dangerous dog.  Had the guy run to the other side of the
> road, the dog would have just looked at him.  No, he has no legal
> obligation to run on the other side of the road.  Cars are supposed to
> stop for people in crosswalks, but that does not make it smart to walk
> into heavy traffic, either.  I was not there, I doubt you provoked the
> dog, but when I see a dog which I am not sure of, I walk away.  Darwinism.
> Then this guy came over to the house, started telling me that he wanted
> the dog "put to sleep."  I was dumbfounded.  Started telling him he was a
> snivelly whiner, that he should get a life, was just getting on a roll,
> here comes my mother with our little Cujo.  She walked up to me, made a
> noise(sorta a howl, roughly translated "give me a cookie") and bashed her
> head into this guy's leg(the bitten one no less) and demanded to be
> petted.  He started to freak, I pulled her away.  My mother started
> talking to him, _she_ got into the "quit whining loser" bit, next thing we
> know the moron's kid is petting the rabid beast.  He freaked again, his
> wife had a surprising flash of sensibility, said "the dog officer is
> right, she really is a nice dog."  He got mad and stormed off.  Moron.  I
> did explain to him that dogs get concerned when an unfamiliar man runs
> toward their owner while yelling in a stern manner.  He muttered something
> about "it's not like that in Connecticut," I told him to go back there if
> it was so nice.  Sorry you got bitten, but giving a dog owner an ultimatum
> like that is shameful.
>   He was relieved,as his shop has
> > no insurance because his last ins. co. dropped him 'cause of the dog.
> > Seems he had a history of biting people.
> So it is HIS fault that the dog was not restrained, not the dogs.  Get the
> dog killed, that'll make things better. Great.  Not going to fix your
> hand.
> >       I'll try it myself first... but I can't do it, I'm going back to the
> > sumnabitch.  If he doesn't put my car back the way he found it, I'll just
> > have to see to it that his little shop goes under.
> What has our world turned into?  I hope you're kidding - you are even
> considering putting someone out of business over a glovebox in an old car?
> Sigh.
> >       Being a nice person, I'd rather not do that.  <although it would be fun
> > and I could use the money>  So, therefore, I ask, with a slight grin on my
> > face, can anyone help me?
> >               Jason
> No.  I am sure someone can.  Don't frequent this place.  Get a bandaid.
> I've been bitten by three dogs, oh well.  Twice, it was my own fault.  The
> other time, I scared a dog in the woods - riding my bike, startled him, he
> bit me.  Can't blame him.  Everybody is so ready to sue these days -
> chucklehead lawyers(only some are chuckleheads) on the TV "have you been
> hurt in an accident?  I'll get you the money you deserve...."  COME ON!
> What's that.  Pain and suffering?  "I can't drive my Scirocco because my
> hand hurts, the mental anguish and despair I am feeling is worth $200,000"
> Scary thing is, it'd probably work.  Sigh.  You got bitten.  That's a
> drag.  Getting the dog killed is not the solution - getting the dog
> restrained is.  "Other people will get bitten if this monster is loose."
> Sigh.  A good friend's dog got killed by the parents of a girl who got
> bitten - he was the best dog in the world, but was brought up by a bunch
> of 22 year old guys.  He played ROUGH.  He was at his house, tied up
> outside.  My friend's mother gave piano lessons in the house, the dog was
> nowhere to be seen, and the kids were told to stay away from him - his
> official greeting was to jump on you, typically knocking you over, and
> then he'd try to bite and lick you to death.  All in fun.  He had broken
> my skin several times when we were playing, he had done the same to the 12
> year old daughter that lived there - we knew he could be a problem.  Kids
> were told to stay away, parents too.  Kid disobeyed, was teasing him with
> the frisbee, he tried to get the frisbee, bit her instead.  Nothing
> crucial, just a small bite, but the parent had the dog killed(not put to
> sleep).  Cool.  Bastard.  Kid does not obey, dog bites - whose fault?
> PARENTS.  Not the dog's.  He was fine if the person knew what to
> expect(expect that he is *going* to get the frisbee if you throw it or not
> - he used to grab the sandwich out of your hand if you were not looking, I
> remember the time he decided he wanted the Thanksgiving turkey, climbed up
> on the counter, grabbed it, did a lap through the living room with a "look
> at what *I* got, I'm the MAN" expression, and bolted.  Bad dog, but a
> great friend and character at the same time.  It was hysterical).  Anyhow.
> I don't agree with this philosophy - kill the dog because it bit me.  Go
> bite the owner, it is his fault, not the dog's.  The dog was doing its job
> - protecting its assets.  What if the dog did not care if a stranger was
> messing with your car?  Maybe it is a good thing there's a 215 pound Cujo
> looking after your car while you are not there.
> I.Mannix
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