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Re: [wheels] TSW Weights

Paul Krucke wrote:
> FYI, I just got a response to an email I sent to TSW regarding the
> weight of a couple 14x6'ers I was considering for my Scirocco.
> QUAD = 10.5 LBS
> WEB = 14 LBS
> The Quad is not bad for the weight/price and any wide offset range.
> Not the greatest to look at, but heh its for racing...Perfomance 1st!

That is a hellaciously light wheel!  I'll bet they could be had for
about $100 per wheel or less.  They have my vote.    

Jim Buck,
ES #99
1997 Solo II Points Champion,
E-Stock Champion,
Fort Wayne Region, SCCA 
1987 Scirocco 16 valve
1982 Rabbit Convertible
1996 Jetta GLS
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