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FS: '81 radio faceplate

Doing some cleaning yesterday, and happened across a faceplate for the radio
opening of my old '81 (actually a replacement for the one that came with it,
as I routed out the original to fit a non-DIN radio).

It's that lovely fake woodgrain color, and still has the sliding retainer
clips that secure to the posts of your twin-shaft DIN radio (it looked great
when I upgraded to that crappy Blaupunkt in the summer of '85) (part# 8 606
560 335).  Act now, and I'll throw in that thing that went behind it (black
plastic housing which bolted to the posts and located nose within the
opening; part # 8 635 260 207).  The latter is a bit chewed out to
accomodate a wider-than-DIN shaft install at some point, but still fully

I recall getting gigged for this at the dealer, but will happily wrap it in
cardboard and stuff it in a #10 for the highest mere pittance I'm offered by

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