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Re: r.a.m.v.w.

At 01:59 PM 2/18/97 -0800, you wrote:
>> Keep an eye out on the r.a.m.v.w for used parts, ect. When I first started my 
>> project, I bought a complete Neuspeed swaybar package from a guy in louisana 
>>for $225. (22mm front, 28mm rear, upper and lower stress bars) It was all 
>>straight and looked really good. Theres many deals to be had on there. its just 
>>a matter of finding what your looking for at a reasionable price. happy 
>Where do I search though r.a.m.v.w.? (As I am in need of some stuff)
>	Thanks again.
>	Adam

Search the whole newsgroup. "
Life is like a plastic model; you never know what kind of parts will be there..."
Some days there are nothing for sale, others there are many. Look for titles that 
start out like this example:
"FS 91 Recaro GTi seats"

Stuff like that. 

Lemme see, i've gotten my Recarro's from here, (although the origional owner Josh 
White lives in Ohio) Swaybars/stress bars from Louisana, Tranny from Texas, knock 
sensor system from Ohio and from Marks location, Roll bar from Simi Vally Ca, 
Engine from Orange Ca. 
I've gotten these items from the internet and at a great savings! 

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