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RE: Wheels

You Wrote:

Ron's has some of the VW copies of the BBS wheels.  These are the
15" wheel that looks like the BBS RS.  As I looked at it I noticed that
they only wanted ~$90 for each one, which translates to less than $400 for
a set.  Question is will these wheels with 205 50's, rub.  My car has not
been lowered at all.

I live near Ron's (just a few miles, actually) and I was chatting with one of the other VW gurus that I live near. (Actually, he did up the 92 GTI 2.0l 16v that was in a recent EC...) I mentioned to him that I was on the lookout for some rims, and I was considering these 'BBS Copies' that RPI stocks... He said not to touch them, as they are very soft, and quite likely to bend...

Just my two cents...

82 Scirocco (Leather goes in this weekend!)
91 Jetta (Soon to lose the German License plate...)

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