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At 07:58 AM 2/14/97 -0700, you wrote:

>There are two schools of thought on that - well, 3 or 4, but basically, a
>lot of people seem to think that the car belongs in DSP - not necessarily
>Berry's - but the RX3.  Kinda like if a Mustang 5.0 all of a sudden started
>*dominating* ESP - say, umm, John Ames built a sicko Rustang that put 4
>seconds on the competition - they'd leave it in ESP because it is an ESP
>car.  Not sure if I agree with that philosophy, but that's a large part of
>it.  My confidant on these issues is an ex SEB member, bit of a huckster,
>but if I have a classing or rule question, I can ask him, he normally has
>an answer for me - on the RX3, he gave me the "type" argument, which for me
>holds clearer in the ESP scenario.  DSP is such a conglomerate class -
>there probably are several other cars in DSP that could be competitive IF
>someone put the time into it.  Time being the 5+ years in Berry's car,
>what, C.Cox built it?  Ahh, who knows.  (for those of you still with us,
>that have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, uhh, sorry, but man, you
>should see Berry's car - it's cool.  Ummmm, sorta quick, too;).  OK, I'll
>shut up....
        Riddle me this:
        If life was fair than I wouldn't be in DM with my scirocco 1 just
because it has a 1.8l with hydrolic head!
        My car is much happier in DSP. I just have a hard time keeping up
with the supercharged Miatas,etc...  I guess I should shut up and work on my

					1980 VW Scirocco S
					1983 Alfa Romeo GTV-6
					1986 Kawasaki 600 Ninja
					1979 Piaggio Vespa P125X

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