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        Thanks for the info on carbon fiber stuff. I saw some import drag
racers.. ..ok Honda CRX's in the sport compact car maganizes and they had
the carbon fiber hoods. I had no idea of the price or anything but i guess
it's only for the dedicated racers.

        Another question: I'm going to make some aluminum panels for the
radio slot and the ashtray that will hold 4 or 5 gauges. Where can i get
some VDO's cockpit style relatively inexpensive?
I'm gonna make an aluminum bracket for the radio to put in the console too.
I'll tell y'all how it works out.

Kevin '81 Scirocco S

BTW Todd.. heh the hood was fine when you sold it to me, except for the
crappy paint. We repainted it black temporarily and put a cool hood scoop on
it! :)
When i repaint the whole car, i'll get a used hood w/ no holes in it

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