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Re: Engine dealers?

Jay Docherty wrote:
> I am currently looking for a place where I can buy a used 1.8 8 valve
> engine withe the solid lifter head (84 gti).  Does anyone know of
> any good dealers in the USA?  I heard wolfsport sells used engines
> has anyone heard anything about them?
>                                       Jay
> '80 Scirocco 8v
> '88 Scirocco V12 turbo 9000 quatro

Hey does that V12 have any carbon fiber parts in it?

Anyway wolfsport does sell motors and cheap too, but when I called them
up they act as if a motor is a motor. I.E according to them this is a
direct quote from them. "We pretty much sell one motor for VWs" I asked
them about JH code motors they said sometimes we have them. They acted
like it was stupid to worry about performance in a VW. Also they have
motors listed for $300 (or at least they did) but be prepared to pay
more when you call. The $300 motors are high millage and sometimes they
don't have them.

I wouldn't suggest them just from the way they handles my call, but  you
can call them. I would first  check the newsgroup then call Mark Davison
and see if he has anything probobly if he dosen't he can point you in
the right direction. I found my 1.8l 16V on the newsgroup for $700 with
all FI computer manifolds everything. I even saw a 16V in the Club H2o
newsletter with a transmission for $700 I think...

Get a copy of European Car and read through it for lots of sources...

Kevin McGrath					
Myrtle Beach SC USA
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