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New Clutch

Hello everyone,

I took a couple more steps to getting by scirocco in the condition that
I want.  I just upgraded from 190mm to a 210mm clutch, which is awesome
(considering that my old clutch slipped in every gear).  It's so nice to
be able to power through a turn..oooohhhhh.  Before I had to pick up my
speed then when coming out of the turn, feather the gas pedal for the
clutch to kick in (sorta like trying to downshift in an auto).  I also
had a CV boot replaced and I replaced all the vacuum lines.

Something peculiar did pop up though.  It seems the owner before me
changed the original front brake calipers with some from a newer model. 
Due to this, I have been hearing alot of clacking.  My mechanic said
this was due to some spacing hardware that was not replaced with the
newer brake calipers.  Does anyone know what he is talking about?  I
have the kit, It looks like a bunch of cylinder type things and spacers
that look sorta like engine bearings, only smaller.  Anyhow, I will be
trying to figure this out and complete the repair over the weekend (even
though I have no clue to what I am doing).  Any advise?

Party on (it's the weekend),

80 Scirocco S
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