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Rich Garrett
02/06/97 09:34 AM

Chris Taylor:
>Can't you stop your snotty, holier-than-thou comments?  Hippocrite.  This
isn't the first I've noticed.  More of a "straw that
Chill. Remember that its waaay too easy to misunderstand a written comment.
Ya can't take things on an email list so personally. Without face-to-face
communication, its impossible to truly understand what the person meant.
Try subbing to one of the Star Trek lists and see some really amazing
arguments and misunderstandings.

I'm positive that if Shawn wanted to insult you, you'd have no doubts about
it. Shawn just usually tells you exactly what he knows from experience,
with some opinion thrown in. If you disagree, cool; just back it up with
some knowledge.

Be mellow and stay on the list. You have some good experience to share with
other folks.

Also, FYI, Hippocrates was a significant figure in medical history,
providing the source of the Doctor's "Hippocratic Oath". Completely
unrelated to "hypocrisy: One who affects qualities or virtues they do not

>'87 Scirocco G60-to-be

Good luck with this and let me know what problems you run into. I'm
considering this for an upgrade after I do some body work and such. Maybe
in a year or so.

'87 16v

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