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Re: Boge's

Well, I'll be sorry to see you go Chris, I think that you've been helpful,
and entertaining! :-)  I sure do believe in your G60 swap, as I've actually
heard of someone who has done that exact thing in Toronto, Canada.  Good luck!
You can keep me informed if you want, anyway.

Oh, and I've got the Boge Progas shocks on my 16v, to anyone who might want
to know, and I find them adequate for my driving.  And, no Chris, you didn't
offend me. :-)

> And the reason I posted the message about the Boge's is because an angry
> list member emailed me privately last night and vented his Boge loyalty on
> me.  Wierd...

If you really want to differ with someone's opinion, publicly is probably the 
way to do it.  Nobody is going to convience the masses by targeting a single
person and at least we can get an intelligent discussion going that way, eh?
Oh, and feel free to disagree with me. :-)!


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