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Re: VW; drying up?/88 M3 for sale

Shawn Meze wrote "Why are you selling your CSP monster?"

Kind of want to try a stock class again. Looking for an '89 944 8V for CS.
Can't seem to find one yet, though. Dana just got a new job and now she will
have to take clients out to lunch and that sort of thing. The M3 is her
driver and it's WAY too wild a car for that kind of thing. She saw a 635 CSI
she liked on Sunday. I don't know, though, it'll be pretty hard to part with
the M3. Every time I drive it I want to keep it. It is SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!
So if we don't find an eager buyer we just might hang on to it. 
As for the Scirocco, the endless project from hell, as Dana just called it, I
don't really have any plans to solo it seriously, just some for fun. I've
kind of come to prefer rear drive for autocrossing, and I don't want to limit
what I do to it by keeping it legal for a particular class. 
So that's the story, we'll see what happens. I'll have to snap a couple of
photos of the Scirocco and bring them to the next event... you won't believe
what it looks like now.

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