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Re: Euro lights.

Too all of you pondering Euro lights--definitely get them.  Definitely.  In
my scirocco setup, my Outer H4 lenses (low/high) are 90w/130w.  Matched w/ a
perfectly cut Euro lens, they are beautiful.  My inner H3 lenses (high only)
were left untouched w/ 65w bulbs, because I didn't see a point in doing
them.  I also have driving lamps w/ 100w bulbs.  It's like the sun is
mounted to the front of my car.  

Buy them.

Chris Taylor
'87 Scirocco G60-to-be

      Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
          and State University
         College of Engineering
chtaylo4@vt.edu ::::: chtaylo4@aol.com

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