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Re: best glue/adhesive for hard plastic

On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Josh Clark wrote:

> Does anyone out there know of a REALLY good, I mean unbreakable,
> "industrial strength" glue for hard plastics?  I just made a really cool
> badgeless 4 slat grille instead of the ugly stock one and the glue isn't
> holding as well as I'd like it to.  I used some model glue and then some
> epoxy.  I also need to cut myself some more support for the back of it. 

What kind of plastic was it? ABS?  PVC?  Model glue won't glue much except
the polystyrene used in models, and even then not too well.  Super glue is
pretty good for all-purpose gluing, but I doubt that it would stand up to
the heat and water and whatever else the grill is subjected to.  Epoxy
would be better, but make sure before you use it that the joints are all
clean and roughed up a bit.  

The best way might be to find out what kind of plastic it is, then talk to
a plastics supplier about a solvent for that plastic.  

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