VW Scirocco Fuel Tank Recall

Having trouble getting your local VW dealer to own up to this Scirocco recall? They won't do the work? They refuse to do it under warrenty? Here is the documentation you can use to help make your case. I personally recevied this letter and can 100% vouch for it's authenticity. Best of luck!

The VW dealers received a letter from VWoA in 1991
concerning the checking and repair procedures related to this recall.
It's very illuminating to give it a read.

(click on any of the images below to see larger, printable versions)

This is the envelope the offical VWoA notice came in. Looks like they meant business here. I received this letter in 1999.

This is the reply card, message side. This is where you might indicate that the car has been destroyed or no longer owned.

This is the other side of the reply card noting the official VWoA addresses.

What you've all been waiting for. This is the official letter. Details include the problem, the fact that the dealer must resolve it, and it must be done free of charge.

This is the other side of the letter, and it very importantly details what level of recourse you have if your dealer refuses to do the work. An address and contact information is included to make dealership complaints to. It also holds the signature of a VW official.