December 1991
Subject: Recall Campaign RS
1987-1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet and
1987/1988 Scirocco Vehicles
Check and if required Replace Fuel Tank
Dear Volkswagen Dealer
     This is to notify you of a recall campaign involving 1987 through 1989 and
some early production 1990 model Volkswagen Cabriolet vehicles and
1987/1988 model Volkswagen Scirocco vehicles. The vehicles affected are
within the following vehicle identification number ranges:
Cabriolet  WVWCA015_HK000001 - WVWCA015_LK000678
Scirocco  WVWC_053_HK000001 - WVWC_053_JK009034
Defect Description
      It is possible that in some instances the fuel tank could develop a
hairline crack adjacent to a small section of a seam weld at the left rear
of the tank.
Remedial Action
      All fuel tanks of the affected vehicles are to be pressure tested with a
special test tool No US 2901 to determine the necessity of a fuel tank
Customer Notification
     Volkswagen United States, Inc. will commence notification of all known
owners of affected vehicles directly by first class mail on or about
December 31, 1991. A copy of each owner notification letter is enclosed for
your information.
Vehicle Allocation Information
     Prior to notifying owners, we will furnish you with a computer printed list
of vehicles including names and addresses of owners, where available,
residing within your area of influence. This list may be used to schedule
your workload and necessary parts inventory. Vehicle Inventory (Used Cars)
All vehicles in your used car inventory which are affected by this recall
must be checked and, if necessary, corrected prior to resale.
Part Inventory Requirements
     A replacement tank is not required for every vehicle; therefore, only a
limited supply of replacement tanks will be shipped to your dealership. It
is, therefore, important that upon the use of an initially supplied fuel
tank, you immediately order a replacement from your respective warehouse.
It is imperative that you have a fuel tank including associated parts
available for immediate installation, if needed, anytime you perform the
test procedure on a vehicle.
Repair Instructions
Included in this notification are detailed test and repair instructions. We
request that your technicians closely adhere to these procedures including
all notes of caution.
Part Ordering Requirements (Tank Replacement)
Quantity Description Part Number
1 Fuel Tank Kit 155 201 072 (includes sending unit and fuel pump)
1 Heat Shield 133 201 281
1 Gravity Valve 133 201 753
1 Felt Kit 133 298 121
2 Clamp, Vacuum Hose N 024 528.1
2 Clamp, Fuel Hose N 024 122.2
2 Clamp, Filler Neck Hose N 024 507.4
1 Slix D 200 201
1 Magnaflux Kit D 700 000
1 Brake Fluid ZVW 239 102
1 Sealant D 003 500
1 Nut, Wheelhousing Cover 171 201 969
1 Clamp, Tank Vent Hose N 900 719 01
Part Requirements (Testing - no replacement necessary).
Quantity Description Part Number
1 Magnaflux Kit D 700 000
1 Gravity Valve 155 201 753
2 Clamp, Vacuum Hose N 024 528.1
1 Nut 171 201 969
Additional Parts
     It is possible that during the replacement of the fuel tank, additional
minor parts may have to be replaced. Therefore, we recommend that you
maintain a small inventory of the following parts:
Quantity Description Part Number
1 Filler Neck Hose 533 201 219
2 Fuel Supply/Return Hose N 020 281.1
Work Procedure
     All vehicles are to be checked and corrected, where necessary, in
accordance with the details outlined in the video and the enclosed work
procedure and booklet.
Special Test Tool
     A test tool, No. US 2091 (ordering No. TU530910020VOA), has been
specially developed for this action. Prior to the initiation of this recall one
test tool will be shipped to you, free of charge. The test tool will remain the
property of Volkswagen of America, Inc. Should special circumstances
dictate, the tool will return into VWoA's possession.
     It is important that your personnel handle this tool with care. A
replacement tool is costly and will have to be charged to your dealership.
Time Allowance
     The time required to perform the necessary work is stated on the
Data Entry Procedure.
Fuel Tank Disposal
     Removed fuel tanks must be disposed of in accordance with the enclosed
instructions, as well as in accordance with your local state and federal
EPA regulations.
Campaign Authorization
     In accordance with campaign procedures, Volkswagen United States, Inc.
will mail notification letters, including authorization forms, to all known
owners. The latest customer and address information has been obtained fro
state registrations for this recall action.
     It is very important that if the customer does not present an authorization
form, you confirm the open recall status before you commence work by simply
accessing the V-Crest system or by contacting your Zone office
Reimbursement requests for duplicated recall work will not be accepted.
Dealer Obligation
It is important that you schedule recall appointments with your customers
on a priority basis. Please provide a copy of this communication to every
person in your dealership who has recall related responsibilities and
ensure that your technicians view the video information prior to performing
the recall work.
Thank you for your cooperation.